The Journey Begins

I love fashion, that is sporty fashion. I enjoy fitness. I began working out in Fargo, Nd where I lived my first year of marriage. I’ve always been active though, playing basketball and just exercising as a kid. Loving fitness wasn’t hard. To be honest I never really had an issue with body image until I had my first child. You don’t except your body to change so fast. And you don’t expect to feel insecure about it after. But you kind of do. Having these feelings is normal as a new mom. Right after I had my first baby, I did gain some weight, don’t know how much, because I never cared about the scale. Looking in the mirror I could see my loose skin and stretch marks. Right there I decided to go back to my fitness journey. I cut out sugar, ate healthier and went to the gym. At that moment I discovered the fascia blaster Thinking it would make my loose skin go away, I started my new Fascia Blasting journey. #adamazon To be honest it didn’t completely make my stomach the way I wanted it to look, ,because when you have body image goals you’ll never be pleased.. But looking back I made huge improvements, and still am!! I became consistent for three years, but realizing it was because I loved it, and it was therapeutic it kept me on track.

My Fascia Blasting sanctuary

              You see here is the thing, if my stomach was perfect, if I was perfect, I wouldn’t have started my fascia blasting journey. I wouldn’t know the information that I do know. I wouldn’t be on this journey. I wouldn’t have started my business. I WOULD NOT BE HERE! Telling the truth is the hardest most vulnerable thing we could do.  But here’s the thing, we are all beautiful. We just choose to ignore the true meaning of beauty, it isn’t what we look like, it isn’t the clothes we wear. Or the makeup we put on. It’s us. The person we are. As to why we are the way we are. Our journey. Our story. Our passions. Everything that creates our soul. Taking care of yourself not to look better, but just to feel better. That’s the importance of fitness journeys. We need to stop chasing body image goals, and start chasing mind goals. Goals that could be achieved and accomplished.

     My journey is a long one, it will keep on going. I always saw myself trying to do something beyond my imagination. My brain thinks of a billion ideas. And here is where I fail. I have so many ideas, so much thoughts, I procrastinate. I can’t pick one idea I love. And here is where I found my calling. If loving fitness was not hard. If the fascia blasters by Ashley Black was the easiest commitment I’ve made. If being fashionable was natural. Why not combine all my passions into one? My clothing. Yes, I said it. Cute comfortable clothes that makes us feel beautiful and confident. 

This is my vision to create comfortable apparel of the perfect length. For the young people. Not too long, or too short, but just in between. Turning my failures into my strength. I love the sports bra look; I just don’t feel comfortable walking around in one. Nothing wrong with it, just my feelings towards it. I love shorts, just not too short. I like crop tops, but not too short. Having something that is modern, stylish, pefect for moms who don’t like to show too much skin, but yet love to feel good in their body. There isn’t much out in the market these days. Everything seems to be to long or too short. I’m looking for the inbetween.

My dreams are slowly coming true and I can’t explain the gratitude I feel towards all of you. Thank you for being here with me!


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